Disassembler TOOL


    This is not a visual basic decompiler !    You will need IDA (IDA Pro Disassembler). I have seen a few disassemblers, 

    definitely not all, but nothing better !

    If you  haven't heard of it , visit

    This script will parse the VB program and show the structures. Where the procedures and objects are located.

    Show the pcode in pcode-compiled programs and assembler code in native-code compiled programs.

    You can then compare them and see how the pcode is interpreted in assembler.


    This Script is far from complete or perfect. I do not claim that the names and labels are correct.

    It will parse big VB programs with very few errors. It is written for VB 6 exe's, but will parse a OCX too.

    You will get most of the structures. Not all of the properties of the objects are identified yet.

    For a more complete listing on the properties try RACE 3.3 

    Screenshot of a object        

    Screenshot of a procedure in pcode     

    Screenshot of same  procedure in assembler                      


    Download    updated 10/03/2004 - events added    This Project is no longer updated


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